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With Flo's smoking water pipes you don't only get the highest pleasure out of smoking, but you also do it with style. Our water pipes are beautiful and durable, featuring the highest grade of scientific glass.

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Glass water pipes

Fine workmanship, tasteful design, inextinguishable pleasure - with Flo’s glass water pipes you get them all! All our smoking pipes are hand blown using borosilicate glass for higher durability.

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Ash catchers

Get a smoother hit with our glass ash catchers! As its name implies, an ashcatcher catches the ash, adding another level of water filtration, thus keeping your water pipe cleaner. Our ash catchers are compatible with any Flo water pipe.

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Our glass water bubblers offer advantages similar to those of water pipes: bubbler pipes will bubble the smoke from the burning tobacco through the water bulb, helping to cool down the hot smoke and filtering the unwanted tar.

As a compact alternative to waterpipes, bubblers are ideal when traveling.

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Down slides, also known as slide bowls, consist of a glass down tube with a separate lift-off bowl. These accessories come in several sizes, so that they match your particular water pipe.

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Flo’s airtight glass jars help you keep your stuff fresh for longer. Our stash jars come in different sizes, from small to extra large, depending on your needs.

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Steamroller pipes

A steamroller can give you harsh, powerful hits, thus they are not really recommended for newbies. Flo’s steamrollers are made of hand blown scientific glass, which guarantees their durability even at high temperatures.

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Diffusion stones

Diffusion stones are little glass balls that you put is your water pipe to help diffuse the smoke better. They bring even mediocre pipes up a few tiers, they are easy to clean and they fit any water pipe.

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Grinder card

Flo’s grinder cards represent the new way to grind, using only 5% of the natural resources of a traditional grinder.

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